Betting on Women's Sports

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Betting on Women's Sports

At, there are many women sports today in the world including amateur and professional ones for women. In recent years, the number of females participating in various sports has increased drastically. This is because of a shift in the modern society that is now emphasizing gender equality and the need for people to lead healthy lifestyles. However, the level of participation and performance of women in sports varies among countries and sports. This is not to say that women sports are not popular, in fact women sports have gained a lot of popularity in the world.

For example, women in poker are competing with men in terms of popularity and are even exceeding them. In many sports, males dominate and females cannot compete with male on equal terms.

In addition, women have made remarkable achievements in sports to date. For example, Helene Madison from United States of America became the first female to swim 100 yard freestyle in 60 seconds during the 1932 Olympics. Maria-Teresade Filippis from Italy was the first woman to participate in European Grand Prix auto race in 1958. Tegla Loroupe from Kenya was the first African woman to win a major marathon in 1994.

Despite the increase of the number of women participating in sports, there are huge disparities between women and male. These disparities will continue to prevent equity in sports by both genders. Globally, numerous institutions have continued to discriminate women, especially in holding key leadership positions.

Constraints to women's sports

Today, we have many professional women leagues in soccer, hockey, basketball, and other sports, which are creating employment for girls and women. These women professional leagues face bigger challenges that have contributed to some of them folding.

One of the challenges hindering development of women leagues globally is inadequate resources, they have little finances to pay players and maintain their league. One such example is Women's Professional Soccer League in United States, which started on 29 March 2009. The league started with seven teams for the first two seasons and then the teams were reduced to six in the following season. In 2012, the league collapsed because of legal issues and inadequate resources to invest in the league.

Women's sports fans

Presently, much attention is paid to men sports than women. In fact, men sports receive a lot of publicity from the media than women sports because men sports have adequate resources to pay for their publicity.

Women sports attract less attendance than men's sports. For example, in the basketball games for women and men in Syracuse University, New York, there was an average of 21, 909 attendance for the men basketball matches and only 752 for women basketball matches.

Due to the low attendance of women's sports, many of women's leagues have failed to grow to the same level like men's sports.

National Women's Soccer League

National Women's Soccer League is a professional women's soccer league in the United States. It is managed by the United States Soccer Federation body. The league was established in 2012 to replace the Women's Professional Soccer League, which folded in 2012. The league began officially in 2013 and has eight teams; four of those teams are from the defunct Women's Professional Soccer League. Two teams joined the league from Houston and Orlando making the total teams to be 10.

The league has ensured that each team in the league must have a maximum of three players from the American National team, maximum of two players from the Mexico Women's National team, and up to two players from the Canadian Women's National team. In addition, each team must have three international players while the remaining players should be acquired domestically in the United States. This helps to nurture talents among girls and enhance the women's national soccer of the respective countries (U.S.A, Mexico and Canada).

In addition, women players are paid salary to help them improve their livelihoods and standard of living. Salary is paid by the respective federations from United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Format of the competition

The National Women's Soccer League season starts from April to September yearly. Each team is scheduled to play 20 games throughout the season; 10 each played at home and away.

There is also another opportunity for teams to play. At the end of the season, four teams with highest points automatically qualify for National Women's Soccer League playoffs. The playoffs consist of two semifinal knockout matches and the winner of each semifinal advances to the final.

Canadian Women's Hockey League

It is the most popular women sports league in Canada. It was established in 2007. The league has five teams: two in Ontario, one in Quebec, one in Alberta and one in Boston, Massachusetts.

Canadian Women's Hockey League was an initiative spearheaded by former players of the defunct National Women's Hockey league. They partnered with some businesspersons to form Canadian Women's Hockey League. The league does not pay players but instead offers them bonuses when they play.

Women's National Basketball League

There are many women professional basketball leagues in various countries in the world. In Australia, Women's National Basketball League has eight teams and was established in 1981. It was formed as a counterpart to National Basketball League. These eight teams include Adelaide lightning, Melbourne boomer, Perth Lynx, Sydney Uni Flames, and Townsvile.

Format of the competition

Women's National Basketball League usually starts in early October and ends in February. Each team plays 24 games during the regular season; 12 games each at home and away. At the end of the championship, the four top teams advance to play Women's National Basketball League playoffs in March.

How to bet on women's sports

People wanting to place bets on women sports should ensure that they are doing their betting activities from authorized sites. The gambling and betting industry is one of the least regulated activities. However, this is not to say that there are no legitimate sites for people to bet. Here are ways you can ensure that you bet safely from authorized betting websites:

Make sure that the betting website has been licensed by a regulatory body. In Canada, the body that is entrusted to license betting companies and sites is the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. This body regulates all online betting sites in Canada. On top of that, a good number of betting sites in Canada have their activities regulated by overseas regulatory bodies.

Another thing to check is the duration in which the site has been operating. If you find that a site has only been there for a few months, be cautious. Look for betting companies and sites that have existed for a period of more than five years. This way, you are protecting yourself from dubious activities carried out by some of the betting sites' owners.

Last but not least, make sure you examine the gambling policy as well as the customer service of the betting companies. It is common to find reviews of the sites online. People who have had bad experience with the sites will air their grievances and complaints. Also, find out the ease of communication with these sites and whether the communication mode is convenient to you.

How to make a bet deposit

When you have identified the betting site, the next thing you do is make a deposit so that you start betting. However, before that, you need to ensure you register with the site after, which you will be able to make your deposit.

You will find that there are different options to make your betting deposit. You may want to use a credit or debit card, and this is considered the easiest method. There are sites that will accept MasterCard and Visa card. In other times, you may make the deposit directly from your bank account. The money you send from the bank account will be deposited to the sportsbook. Some sites accept banker's check.