High Heels Poker Tournament the next big thing for Women's Poker

Even though women might make up for more than half of the population, they are yet to get to the poker tables. There are a few women-only organized tournaments that seek to bring the game to the women. Sometime in 2011, Canada got to host one of the best Women-only poker tour where a stop was made in one of the preeminent poker outlets in Canada.

In 2011, the High Heels Poker Tour went to the Playground Poker Club where the first ever Red Stiletto event took place on December 3rd. The high heels poker tour was established in 2007; founded by Lauren Dailla. This has become one of the biggest women-only tournaments in the poker industry. With these events, the HHPT has been across the United States but 2011 was the first time that the Playground Poker Club was north of the border.

This newcomer to the women's poker has grown quick and promises to bring new competitive look to poker played by women. The event has grown in a great way to feature tournaments all over the East Coast. It has also co-sponsored the World Poker Series Poker Circuit ladies' only tournaments. In 2008, 50-60 women involved in the World Series of Poker were from HHPT and they carried home more than $200k in winning prizes.

The HHPT offers a platform to women where competitiveness is key to women of all skills sets and levels of experience. The aim of coming up with this club was to offer a window of opening for women who would wish to become like Vanessa Selbst but did not have the opportunity to or the platform to do it.

For High Heels Poker Tournament, the future is bright as more and more women opt to join the world of poker gaming. They are doing their best to continue in the search of new avenues to exploit as well as, promote their skills on the tables.