HHPT and HeadsUp Entertainment work at growing women's poker

HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc are operators of the Canadian Poker Tour, Pokerking.com and Canadian Poker Player Magazine. They went into partnership with High Heels Poker tour in pursuit to promote a series of events for the women.

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High Heels Poker Tour is a boutique company of Empire industries and will advance and host poker tournaments for ladies at a couple of the HeadsUp tournament venues across Canada, as well as, the US. This partnership was drawn to come up with structured events for the female market place and build a successful brand which will later be used in bringing forth a television model.

What you need to know about Empire Industries

Empire industries have four of the best known and acknowledged boutique companies when it comes to women's poker. The four boutiques will exploit the specificity of the businesses with an approach that looks at expanding the gaming industry as well as, come up with the largest owned female entity in the world of poker gaming.

The HHPT seeks to offer the right platform where women will develop, learn and continue to grow their poker gaming skills.

What you should know about Entertainment International Inc.

HeadsUp Entertainment is a globally recognized institution in media and entertainment. It is involved in the creation of branded entertainment through development, marketing and production of televised programs which are based on poker and other kinds of entertainment.

This new partnership between the two companies is a great venture that will bring forth Canadian Poker and poker for women on the spot. This game's promotion will showcase women's talent in poker and this is something that has been done for long by HHPT. It has been successful in doing it in the US and hope it does the same to Canada and the rest of the world.